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We believe in experiential learning and collaborate with community and industry partners to design various activities tailored to different age groups and proficiency levels. Below are a few examples of our offerings.


Cybersecurity Information Sessions

Students will be introduced to cybersecurity fundamentals – what is it and why it’s important. The session will include an introduction to common cyber security terms and threats through fun, interactive means. Students will also learn about different careers in cybersecurity and useful tips on cyber hygiene. A list of digital resources will be provided to encourage continuous learning beyond the session.

Magnifying Glass

‘Insider Detection’ Exercise

Student are exposed to a day in the life of a cybersecurity professional racing against time to find a corporate “insider”. They are presented with profiles of potentially suspicious employees and must identify the real “insider” through incremental clues they receive by solving a series of puzzles. Working in small groups, students will utilize teamwork, problem solving, and investigative skills to solve the mystery.

Black Puzzle Pieces

Anatomy of a Hack

Students are introduced to key cybersecurity concepts while exploring the anatomy of a cyber security attack or “hack”. The students will learn how hackers think and gain access to sensitive information.  Similar to the ‘Insider Detection’ exercise, students will work in small groups and must utilize teamwork, problem solving, and creativity to accomplish their mission.

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