We believe in experiential learning and collaborate with community and industry partners to design various programs tailored to different age groups and proficiency levels.  In addition to cybersecurity concepts, we also focus on building essential skills including leadership, problem solving, and teamwork.

Information Sessions

Students are introduced to cybersecurity fundamentals – what is it and why it is important. The session will include an introduction to common cybersecurity terms and threats through fun, interactive means. Students will also learn about different careers in cybersecurity and useful tips on cyber hygiene. A list of digital resources will be provided to encourage continuous learning beyond the session. Sometimes, a panel of cybersecurity professionals will provide first-hand experiences of their jobs and answer questions students may have.


Students learn cybersecurity fundamentals, hear from a panel of cybersecurity professionals, and get to play a day in the life of a cybersecurity professional. Working in small groups, students will utilize teamwork and critical thinking skills to solve exercises based on real-world challenges. Workshops typically focus on a specific topic within cybersecurity. Examples include:

Social Engineering
Insider Threat
Anatomy of a Hack


Project Cyber’s Mentoring Program aims to cultivate mentoring relationships to empower and inspire students (mentees) to realize their potential.

The program is currently under development with an anticipated rollout in 2024.


Our workshops offer participants the opportunity to learn about various cybersecurity concepts
and work on essential skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership.

Cryptography Workshop

Students learn about cryptography and encryption, and how it is used to protect data. They also learn about relevant cybersecurity careers and even get to play the day in the life of a cryptanalyst, someone who figures out how to “crack” code in order to read a secure message. They are presented with a series of challenges that utilize their critical thinking and collaboration skills.

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Social Engineering Workshop

Students learn about social engineering, a type of cyber attack that involves the use of psychological strategies to convince targets to divulge sensitive or confidential information and/or take some type of questionable action. It is what some consider to be the oldest “hack” as it uses principles of psychology to manipulate the target long before any technology was available. Students learn about different types of social engineering attacks and even get to play the role of a social engineer, coming up with creative ideas to convince their unsuspecting peers to fall for a social engineering attack!

Insider Threat Workshop

Student are exposed to a day in the life of a cybersecurity professional racing against time to find a corporate “insider”. They are presented with profiles of potentially suspicious employees and must identify the real “insider” through incremental clues they receive by solving a series of puzzles. Working in small groups, students will utilize teamwork, problem solving, and investigative skills to solve the mystery.

Project Cyber Workshops 3
Project Cyber Workshops 2

Anatomy Of A Hack Workshop

Students are introduced to key cybersecurity concepts while exploring the anatomy of a cyber security attack or “hack” in an escape room inspired activity. The students will learn how hackers think and gain access to sensitive information in order to accomplish their mission.

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