About Us

Project Cyber is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on inspiring and empowering girls of all ages to explore and succeed in the field of cybersecurity.

The Problem

The significant underrepresentation of women in cybersecurity begins when girls lose interest in STEM at an early age, beginning in middle school.

Research reveals the lack of women role models in STEM-based careers, lack of mentors, and lack of hands-on experience with STEM activities are some of the reasons girls do not go on to pursue studies and careers in the field.

Our Solution

Inspire the next generation of women cybersecurity leaders by increasing exposure to cybersecurity through fun, engaging, and interactive programs.
Project Cyber Education

Our Approach


Cultivate interest in elementary and junior high – show girls how cybersecurity can be fun and cool through interactive hands-on programs and digital content


Sustain interest through high school – provide access to resources such as role models and externships; drive change on how cybersecurity is framed through social representation


Inspire a career in cybersecurity – create connections with mentors, internships, and other resources throughout college

Remove barrieRs

Remove barriers to workforce entry – provide access to entry-level cybersecurity job interviews; raise awareness across the industry on how to attract and retain women talent

Our History

Project Cyber Logo
Rachel and Cora worked together as cybersecurity executives for a large global bank. In their jobs, they each recognized a gender imbalance in their field and discussed the benefits of a non-profit organization focused on increasing awareness of and exposure to cybersecurity for girls from middle school through collegiate age. They focused on this specific demographic given all the research that points to the fact that this age range is typically where girls' interest in STEM subjects dramatically declines.

When they shared their ideas and thoughts with their colleague and friend Regina, they quickly realized how her passion and active efforts in encouraging young women to cultivate an interest in STEM aligned so well with their vision for this organization. From there, Project Cyber was born in 2018.

As the organization began to take shape, our team grew as we brought to the fold Brandon. Active in cybersecurity education efforts for young women in his own right, he rounded out the team by bringing new skills and fresh enthusiasm to the table.

Project Cyber continues to grow and we are working hard at closing the gender gap in the field of cybersecurity, one girl at a time.

Meet The Team

Project Cyber - Team member - Cora
Co-Founder and
Executive Director

Cora leads the Project Cyber team as they seek to close the gender gap in the field of cybersecurity. Cora brings with her 20+ years in the technology and cybersecurity industries in various leadership roles. She is passionate about equitable representation and advancement of women in STEM and enjoys her role as a mentor to diverse talent and students.

Project Cyber - Team member - Rachel
Co-Founder and
board member

Rachel brings to Project Cyber her strategic leadership expertise from a 25-year career in technology and cybersecurity. Rachel strongly believes that a diverse talent pipeline will sustainably improve equity and inclusion in cybersecurity organizations, and she works with individuals of all ages and interests to pursue their success in the field of cybersecurity.

Project Cyber - Team member - Regina
co-founder and
board member

Regina is part of the Project Cyber leadership team and brings with her a 25+ year career in technology and cybersecurity. Regina is an avid supporter of girls and women in STEM, having two teen-aged daughters of her own. Regina currently works for a large financial institution leading infrastructure resiliency.

Brandon Member of Project Cyber

Brandon drives Program Development and brings energy and innovation to the table. Currently a Risk Manager at Meta, Brandon has 18+ years of technology and cybersecurity experience. He is also an Adjunct Professor at NYU where he’s working on his PhD. Brandon has two little girls and is committed to ensuring they will enjoy equal opportunities when they’re ready.

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