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Our Team

"We must have perseverance and above all else confidence in ourselves."

- Marie Curie

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Our Story

Rachel and Cora are cybersecurity executives for large global banks. In their current jobs, they each recognized a gender imbalance in their field and discussed the benefits of a non-profit organization focused on increasing awareness of and exposure to cybersecurity for female students from middle school through collegiate age. They focused on this specific demographic given all the research that points to the fact that this age range is typically where female interest in STEM subjects dramatically declines.

When they shared their ideas and thoughts with their colleague and friend Regina, they quickly realized how her passion and active efforts in encouraging young women to cultivate an interest in STEM subjects aligned so well to their vision for this organization. From there, Project Cyber was born.

As the organization began to take shape, our team grew as we brought to the fold Brandon. Active in cybersecurity education efforts for young women in his own right, he rounded out the team by bringing new skills and fresh enthusiasm to the table.

Project Cyber continues to grow and we are working hard at closing the gender gap in the field of cybersecurity, one female at a time.

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